2️⃣Setting your intention

Set your intention and specify the behaviors you want to see your reps practicing and following-through on each week.

Each coaching relationship you've created has a corresponding cadence, which is a day and time for the weekly 1:1. The cadence for each 1:1 can be viewed in the table on the "Coaching" tab (g then c)

Skill Selection

During your 1:1, you and your rep will allocate dedicated time for skill coaching. At the start of your 1:1, you and your rep will receive a notification to select a specific skill for your rep to practice that week.

Each of the options are skills Useful recommends to help your rep maximize the effectiveness of their discovery on call. In other words, there's no wrong answer.

When you and your rep have agreed on the behavior to practice, click "Choose this skill" in the Slack message. You will receive a confirmation message of your intention for the week. Useful will then analyze your rep's calls during the week for how they're demonstrating the behavior you're coaching them on.

Continue reading about automated feedback to learn more.

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