🎉Sharing with your team

Celebrate wins, share excellent discovery techniques, deft objection handling and more by sharing observations from calls with your team.

Configure your team's channel

To share observations from calls with your team, you'll first want to set up your team's Slack channel.

From the coaching page, you can configure the Slack channel you'd like to use for your team.

If your team's channel is marked as private in Slack, you will first need to invite the Useful bot to it, then choose the Slack channel from the list.

Once you've configured your team's Slack channel, the post-call feedback reports will have an additional button for each observation, Share with team. Click the button to share the observation with your team's Slack channel.

You can write a custom message to pose a question to the group, celebrate and acknowledge something you really liked, even get feedback from other members of the team.

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