📔Company description

Describe your company and products to maximize the relevance of coaching observations.

The company description is used as context in the automated analysis of calls to identify your company's unique products and services. Add details and specifics to your company description to improve the fidelity and specificity of the coaching observations.

Company description best practices

If your company has unique product names, or uses terminology that may be considered non-standard or domain-specific, include that information as part of your description.

Here is an example:

RudderStack is a data warehouse-native Customer Data Platform (CDP) with the following products:

- Event Stream: real-time event collection and streaming of user behavior and product telemetry--i.e. collecting and sending event data between sources and destinations.

- Profiles: automatic reconciliation of user identities across multiple profiles and data sources to provide programmatic access to a unified record of associated data for each customer.

- Reverse ETL: send data from warehouse tables and/or RudderStack-powered Profiles or audiences to business applications like marketing automation, analytics, personalization engines, etc.

Editing the description

To edit the company description, go to the "AI" tab within Settings (g then s).

Click the pencil icon to start editing your company description, and press "Save" to commit your changes.

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