1️⃣Your first 1:1

For Sales Managers, Useful makes it incredibly easy to show up hyper-aware of where reps are struggling and succeeding on calls so they can have effective coaching sessions in each 1:1. Here's how to do it.

Pre-1:1 messages

Each coaching relationship has a corresponding cadence - the day and time for the weekly 1:1. To view the cadence for your relationships navigate to the "Coaching" tab (g then s) or type /useful assistants anywhere in Slack.

15 minutes before your 1:1, the Useful Slack App will send a message to you and your rep in the Slack channel associated with the coaching relationship.

If this is your first 1:1 with Useful, it's likely that you and your rep haven't decided on a specific skill to practice that week. The pre-1:1 message serves as a subtle reminder to create space for coaching in your upcoming meeting and to allocate time to align on a specific skill to practice during the week.

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