4️⃣Preparing for 1:1s

Prep for 1:1s and know exactly where your reps are doing well, or need more help.

For Sales Managers, Useful makes it incredibly easy to show up hyper-aware of where reps are struggling and succeeding on calls so they can have effective coaching sessions in each 1:1. Here's how to do it.

Pre-1:1 messages

Once you've set a specific skill you and your rep will practice during the week, Useful will automatically analyze the rep's calls for demonstration of that specific behavior.

15 minutes before your 1:1, the Useful Slack App will send a message to you and your rep in the Slack channel associated with the coaching relationship summarizing Useful's observations from the week.

The message includes summative information like the number of calls the rep practiced on, the number of observations Useful made, along with a weekly recap that summarizes the strengths and opportunities for improvement so you know exactly what to celebrate, and where to provide more support in the 1:1.

To playback the specific clips and observations from the 1:1, click `[Prep for 1:1].

Rep Profile Page

The rep profile page can be viewed by clicking a rep from the "Coaching" tab, or by clicking [Prep for 1:1] from the 1:1 prep Slack notifications.

The profile shows you the same information you receive in your Slack notifications.

Weekly recap

Use the weekly recap to quickly get up to speed on your rep's practice since your last coaching session. The recap is a Useful-generated summary of the observations made during the week. It provides you with an overview of how your rep's practice has gone, summarizing the strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Highlights from the week

Quickly recap the specific moments where a rep on your team did well or struggled on a call with "Highlights from the week." This section lists all the calls and coaching moments analyzed during the week. Click on an observation to jump to that moment in the call and hear exactly what happened.

If your rep has jotted down reflections after the call, they will be shown underneath the video controls for each call.

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