🔔Connecting to Gong

The Useful Gong integration lets you forward calls from Gong to Useful as they are processed so you can get instant feedback of on-call performance.

To connect the integration, navigate to the "Settings" (g then s ) in the sidebar, then the "Integrations" tab and click "Connect" under Gong integration.

Login to Gong with your credentials and allow Useful to be connected to your Gong account.

You must be a Technical Administrator role within Gong to configure the integration.

After you connect to Gong, you will see a webhook URL which you will need to use to configure the webhook in order to forward new incoming calls to Gong.

Configuring Webhooks

Webhooks allow for calls to become available in Useful as they are recorded in Gong.

To configure webhooks, visit the Company Settings page from the account dropdown.

Under "Ecosystem" click "Automation rules" and click + New Rule in the top right.

Copy and paste the webhook URL from the integration page in Useful and paste it in the destination URL within Gong.

You must paste the webhook URL from Useful for the webhook to work.

Here you can configure the webhook to push calls to Useful. We recommend only sending calls with external participants that are of a minimum duration (like 5--7 minutes).

To edit the webhook rules, click the pencil next to "All calls". Then click "Add filters". You should see a modal with options to add different filters to your criteria. Within "Call info" be sure to select "Internal calls/Calls with customers" along with "Call duration". This will allow you to apply those filters to your webhook rule.

You must enable the automation rule in Gong in order for calls to be forwarded to Useful. Ensure that the "Rule status" is set to "Enabled" before leaving the screen.

To test that your integration is working correctly, click the "Test Now" button. If successful, you will see a confirmation message.

Disconnecting from Gong

To disconnect from Gong, go to your Gong account and navigate to the "Company Settings" page under the profile dropdown in the top right, then click "Connected Integrations".

Click the Useful integration then toggle the "Connection is enabled" switch to de-activate the integration.

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