2️⃣Automatic feedback

Follow through on the coaching given in 1:1s with automated post-call feedback.

Useful makes it incredibly simple for managers and reps to follow through on the coaching given during a 1:1. Here's how it works.

Post-call messages

After committing to a skill to practice in your 1:1, Useful automatically analyzes the rep's calls during the week for demonstration of the behavior you coached them on. Observations highlighting the strengths, and opportunities for improvement are automatically posted in the shared Slack channel between you and your rep.

Each observation is associated with a timestamped clip from the recording, so you can playback the specific moment on the call and review exactly what your rep did well, or where they might need more help - all without having to watch the whole call.

Rep reflections

Each post-call message includes an optional opportunity for reps to write down their reflections on how the call went and how they felt implementing the coaching they received.

Ahead of your next 1:1, any reflections shared by your rep are aggregated so you can understand their take on the week, ahead of the conversation.

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