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Adding recordings

At the core of Useful are recordings of customer calls. Useful automatically generates a searchable transcript of the recordings that you add to Useful.

Import from Zoom

If you've connected Useful to your Zoom account along with your Google calendar, you can automatically import recordings from Zoom that have been held with external participants i.e. people with email addresses that do not match your email domain.
You can also manually import specific calls from your Zoom cloud library. Click the "Add recordings" button in the top nav, then "Import from Zoom" to choose from your cloud library.

Upload offline files

To add a recording from the Meetings view, click “Upload meeting” then select an audio or video file(s) from your file picker.
Once uploading is finished, Useful will automatically start processing the recording and generate a searchable transcript. Total time will depend upon the length of the video, though a 30-minute call should finish processing within a few minutes.

Importing via URL

If you have a publicly-available link to a recording, you can paste the URL to the media file in the input field on Meetings list view. Just paste the link into the box and hit Enter.
You can also import calls from public share URLs from other call recording software like Gong and Fathom.

Importing calls with Gong

To import calls from Gong, navigate to a recording and click "Share Call". Select "Share with customers" from the dropdown, then "Copy link" on the modal that appears. Then, simply paste it into the URL input field in Useful to upload.
More can be found about sharing calls with Gong in theirr help center.

Importing call with Fathom

To import calls using Fathom, navigate to a call in your Library, hover over the options menu in the bottom right, and click "Copy Share Link". You can also copy a shareable URL from the recording itself. Click the "Share" button from a recording to copy the link to your clipboard. Then simply paste it into the URL input field in Useful to upload.